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Birth Date: June 13 1978
Birth Place: N/A

Ethan Embry born Ethan Randall on June 13, 1978 is already a veterian to the acting world for filming a total of 24 movies and TV shows. Before he started acting, Ethan appeared numerous TV and Radio commercials (a total of more than 100). In 1991, at the age of thirteen he appeared in 3 films and has continued since. On an average, Ethan released or filmed atleast 2 films per year (continued up until 1999 but filmed about 5 films, only 2 of which have been released). When not on filming locations, Ethan spent most of his child life in Southern California growing up with his older brother, Aaron (said to be one of the best muscians in LA) and little sister, Kessia (in 1998 he would later but a home of his own). In the Fall of 1999, Ethan co-starred as Sebastian in the short lived CBS sitcom "Work with Me." Sadly, due to lack of advertisment and ratings, the show ended after only 4 episodes. 1999 did though bring a happy event, Ethan's wife Amelinda [Smith] (since November 14, 1998) gave birth to their first child in which they named Cogeian after the Latin word cogeo meaning "to think over." Also, this fall Ethan will star as Derek Barnes in the new FOX sitcom about a web master that will air atleast 13 episodes.
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